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The New York Times: Measures Announced to Curb Deadly Force by the Chicago Police

Mayor of Chicago Announces Measures to Curb Use of Deadly Force by the Police by Mitch Smith December 30, 2015 CHICAGO — Under intense pressure to change the behavior of the police force, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday announced a series of steps intended to rein in the use of deadly force, promising to buy hundreds of Tasers and to train officers to be less confrontational. […]

Welt am Sonntag: Hotel Wahnsinn (Hotel Madness, ie the Otel Istanbul in Kilis, Turkey)

Published today in Welt am Sonntag, “Hotel Wahnsinn,” several images from the Otel Istanbul in Kilis, Turkey, home to journalists, Syrian refugee families and individuals, soldiers of fortune and assorted other people taking great risks for various reasons as Kilis is situated about ten kilometers from the Syrian border.