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The New York Times: Measures Announced to Curb Deadly Force by the Chicago Police

Mayor of Chicago Announces Measures to Curb Use of Deadly Force by the Police by Mitch Smith December 30, 2015 CHICAGO — Under intense pressure to change the behavior of the police force, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday announced a series of steps intended to rein in the use of deadly force, promising to buy hundreds of Tasers and to train officers to be less confrontational. […]

Welt am Sonntag: Hotel Wahnsinn (Hotel Madness, ie the Otel Istanbul in Kilis, Turkey)

Published today in Welt am Sonntag, “Hotel Wahnsinn,” several images from the Otel Istanbul in Kilis, Turkey, home to journalists, Syrian refugee families and individuals, soldiers of fortune and assorted other people taking great risks for various reasons as Kilis is situated about ten kilometers from the Syrian border.

The New York Times Magazine: Azerbaijan Is Rich. Now It Wants To Be Famous.

Azerbaijan Is Rich. Now It Wants To Be Famous. by Peter Savodnik Images by Amanda Rivkin February 10, 2013 In March 2010, Ibrahim Ibrahimov was on the three-hour Azerbaijan Airlines flight from Dubai to Baku when he had a vision. “I wanted to build a city, but I didn’t know how,” Ibrahimov recalled. “I closed my eyes, and I began to imagine this project.” Ibrahimov, one of the richest men in Azerbaijan, is 54 and has a round, leathery face with millions of tiny creases kneaded in his brow and the spaces beneath his eyes. He walks the way generals walk when they arrive in countries that they have recently occupied. In the middle of his reverie, Ibrahimov summoned the flight attendant. “I asked for some paper, but there wasn’t any. So I grabbed this shirt in my bag that I hadn’t tried on. I took the tissue paper out, and in 20 minutes I drew the whole thing.” Read more on The New York Times website. The story is available in The New York …

Amateur Photographer (UK) on VII Mentor Program

  Victims of the Ajka alumina sludge spill in Hungary in October 2010 return to the new beginnings homeless shelter. Amateur Photography, “Amanda Rivkin,” feature on VII Mentor, September 8, 2012, p. 29. Bright new talent Amateur Photographer (UK) September 8, 2012 As the VII Photo Agency welcomes four new members to its mentoring programme, Gemma Padley talks to the photographers about their approach and ambitions BEGINNING a career as a fledgling photographer in the somewhat fraught and uncertain world of photojournalism can be a challenging experience, to say the least. With the fast-paced turnaround of news and rapid pace of technological change, not to mention the photographic industry itself being in a constant state of flux, a career as a photojournalist is no bed of roses. Yet despite these challenges, many photographers find the draw of life as a photojournalist irresistible. Four photographers who have chosen to embark on this path are Gazi Nafis Ahmed, Laura El-Tantawy, Jost Franko and Amanda Rivkin. They are the latest recruits to the VII Mentor Program that is …