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*InstArchive* on Instagram

I’m trying something new because I’m American and tradition is boring we are made to think/believe/made to think is make believe. Everyday on my Instagram (@amandarivkin) I am posting a new image from my archive that is paired with a bit of “on this day in world history”. It’s how I’m taking it to the streets, building the ol’ personal brand, sharing my love of history, and finding meaning in my own work. It’s only a few days old but already we’ve been to Davenport, Iowa; Baku, Azerbaijan; Reyhanli, Turkey and today Spotsylvania, Virginia. Czech it out! MAY 9: On May 9, 2012, Obama announced his support for gay marriage in a television interview with Robin Roberts. In this image from my archive, witness Connie Fuller, 39, takes a picture of Rock Island, Illinois couple (l-r) Curtis Harris, 50, and Daren Adkisson, 39, after they picked up their marriage license first thing in the morning at the Scott County Recorder’s Office the first day same sex weddings are legal across Iowa in Davenport, Iowa on …

Limited Edition Print Sale: Refat, Maidan Heroes Series

LIMITED EDITION DIGITAL C-PRINTS in the following sizes in a single edition of 20: 16″ x 20″ = $450   24″ x 30″ = $750   30″ x 40″ = $1,250   All prints digital C-prints by Duggal in New York, signed and editioned by photographer. * Orders placed before April 30 will be deliverable in mid-May 2014. + About the image: REFAT Refat, 19, a Ukrainian soldier from Crimea, sits on his hospital bed at the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev, Ukraine on April 8, 2014. Refat was shot in the left knee by a sniper on February 20, 2014 while trying to maintain a line of soldiers on orders and had the lower part of his left leg amputated from above the knee. “We had orders to stand in the line. In the morning, it was quite calm and silent and then the protesters started to attack and they threw a grenade and I walked away from there and then I felt a sniper’s bullet in …

An Exception to Every Rule: Portrait of a Friend

Normally, I reserve the space of my portfolio and blog for pictures and portraits of anything but those of friends and family. Then there are the exceptions, the time I captured my momka through the glass of a crystal mobile at the Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan encapsulating her in a perfect heart set off by her pink sweater. Friday came another such chance portrait when my friend Maude Standish found her eye caught by a flicker of mid-morning light beaming through a crack in a makeshift curtain.

The New York Times Lens Blog Turning Point Series: Mustafah Abdulaziz on Richard Avedon

Finding Reality, Through a Lens By KERRI MACDONALD AND AMANDA RIVKIN September 29, 2010, 3:23 pm The Brooklyn-based photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz, 24, was born in New York City. Mr. Abdulaziz, who works as a contract photographer for The Wall Street Journal, has been a member of the photo collective MJR since 2008. His work focuses on people and cultures in transition. In 2009, Mr. Abdulaziz was named one of Magenta Foundation’s Emerging Photographers, and this year he was nominated for young photographer at the International Center of Photography’s Infinity Awards. His conversation with Amanda Rivkin has been edited and condensed for space. Q. How was this picture taken? A. The Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia commissioned me to do a series of portraits during the installation of a mural on the side of a methadone clinic in North Philadelphia. People who were on methadone worked on the mural — some contributing poetry and writing for the muralist, James Burns; others putting it together in the basement of the clinic. This portrait of Peggy was taken …

New Promo Card

My new promotional postcard featuring a photograph taken in Baku, Azerbaijan in July 2010 just arrived. Funding for this work was provided by the National Geographic Society’s Young Explorers Grant for a project entitled “Exploring the Evolving Oil Economy: Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan.” I am currently applying for further funding to continue work on this project.