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Open Society Foundations Voices Blog: After a Long Haul, Refugees Settle Into New Lives Far from Home

Voices | Q + A After a Long Haul, Refugees Settle Into New Lives Far from Home October 16, 2015 Antonia Zafieri American photographer Amanda Rivkin has been photographing refugees as they transit from Syria to Europe. Recently, she posted several of these photos to the Open Society Instagram feed. Here, she talks about her experience documenting the refugees’ stories, and what she’s observed of their attempts to settle into new lives far from their original homes. Why did you pursue this story? I pursued the story of the recent exodus to Europe from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere for no reason other than it was there. I lived in Turkey for two years and never covered refugees as an issue per se, although refugees were everywhere in Istanbul at the time. Some were also my friends. If there was a crack between two buildings, it was as if you could find three Syrian families living there. But I think there is so much of this biblical, dramatic imagery that we forget that Syria—emptying out …

Welt am Sonntag: Hotel Wahnsinn (Hotel Madness, ie the Otel Istanbul in Kilis, Turkey)

Published today in Welt am Sonntag, “Hotel Wahnsinn,” several images from the Otel Istanbul in Kilis, Turkey, home to journalists, Syrian refugee families and individuals, soldiers of fortune and assorted other people taking great risks for various reasons as Kilis is situated about ten kilometers from the Syrian border.