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Takeover of @OpenSocietyFoundations Instagram Underway!

I am taking over the Open Society Foundations’ Instagram account this week to showcase images from the migration of refugees to Europe in Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Germany. You can follow their account @opensocietyfoundations and my personal account @amandarivkin where I will be reposting some of my favorite pictures from the week.

Bienvenue a Perpignan! / Bienvengut a Perpinya! / Welcome to Perpignan!

They all say the same thing, the first in French, the second in Catalan and lastly English, perhaps the most useless of the languages accept for this week during Visa Pour L’image, as English maintains its credibility as the language of international media still. It is my first trip to the city, to the south of France (previous trips to the country have taken me only to Paris and Bretagne, where my dearest and oldest friend claims deep ancestral roots and where half of her family resides) and to the annual photojournalism festival, likely and perhaps the biggest in the world in its 23rd year. An editor once confided quite privately that the media was so late to catch the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and project images of the destruction of New Orleans worldwide not because President George W. Bush’s response left much to be desired but because the photo editors were on a working vacation in this city, Perpignan in the south of France. In other words, even if you think this annual gathering …

Amanda Rivkin in Hungary: Toxic Red Sludge in Bag News Notes

Amanda Rivkin in Hungary: Toxic Red Sludge Bag News Notes April 6, 2011 This week marks the first anniversary of the Upper Big Branch mine disaster in West Virginia which killed 29 coal miners. BagNews has been tracking mountaintop removal there with our series Dragline: Mountaintop Mining Watch. On the other side of the Atlantic, it has been six months since a similar accident with fatal consequences in Eastern Europe. Photographer Amanda Rivkin reports: For sixty-three year old Geza Csenki, living in the small village of Devecser in western Hungary, last October 4 was the day the world folded. A torrent of toxic red sludge from a nearby industrial plant owned by MAL Zrt (Magyar Alumínium Termelő és Kereskedelmi) burst and flooded the town. Ten people died, including a 14-month old baby and hundreds were hurt and hospitalized. Csenki lost his home. The collapse of the reservoir wall in Ajka wasn’t a freak accident nor was it an isolated incident. Remaining portions of the wall are not secure and while much of the sludge has …

Tonight in New York: Kinofest NYC Film Festival Features Hungarian Film “Torn From the Flag”

Kinofest NYC Film Festival 2011 Tonight’s Screenings: Torn From the Flag 7PM at the Ukrainian Museum (222 E 6th Street) Director: Klaudia Kovacs Hungarian/English (w/Eng. subtitles) USA, 2007 96 min This incisive sociopolitical and historical documentary covers the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and the ensuing international decline of communism with both archival footage and interviews with then youthful revolutionaries, Russia’s Budapest-based troop commander and other historical notables. The extensive interviews span across the US, Hungary, Russia and Italy supplying viewers with lots of new information on behind-the-scenes political dramas leading up to and shortly after the revolution. This film garnered 8 film festival awards worldwide and participated in the 2009 Oscar competition in the “Best Documentary” category.

The Year in Pictures 2010: United States, Cuba, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Hungary

The Year in Pictures 2010 by Amanda Rivkin available on PhotoShelter Archive. Images from the year include: Gitmo USA – the prison site designated for Guantanamo Bay detainees after the prison’s closure in rural Illinois that never quite opened because the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay has not yet closed. Portrait of William Fiedler, Owner of the Gallery Bookstore, Chicago – My former boss at one of the North Side’s finest used book stores. Injured Veteran – Portrait of Michael Jernigan, injured in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004; photographed at The Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Baltasar Garzon – Former examining magistrate of Spain’s Criminal Court, extraordinarily controversial for execution of the practice of universal justice and far-reaching indictments of foreign leaders and terrorist organizations; photographed at the Instituto Cervantes in Chicago. Afghan Bowling Tournament (3 images) – Afghan-American bowling tournament in Annandale, Virginia. Cuba (8 images) – The Second Age of Castro, published on and The New York Times “Week in Review”. Spectacular Slovakia (13 images) – Weddings, floods, world cup, trains, planes, castles, …

Hungary Red Sludge Accident Preview on Portfolio Homepage

AJKA, HUNGARY. The rupture in the toxic red alumina sludge reservoir as seen from the top of a remaining piece of the reservoir’s wall at the MAL plant on November 22, 2010, that sent a torrent of toxic red alumina sludge pouring into the surrounding countryside, several villages including Kolontar and Devecser and resulted in the death of ten individuals, including a 14 months old baby, injured hundreds and left several families homeless.

holiday print sale / fortnight journal / upcoming travel

Another newsletter went out yesterday afternoon: Greetings! A short, personal note before I begin with the usual business. Thank you as always for your continued support of my work. It means a great amount to me these days as I have been struggling a lot to get my feet off the ground since moving to New York a few short months ago. The small gestures of support, kind words regarding my work, and print purchases have meant a great amount to me. Thank you. I am holding an unprecedented holiday print sale in an effort to raise money for my upcoming trip to Hungary to cover the aftermath of the alumina industrial accident in the village of Ajka, which sent a flood of toxic red sludge pouring into the surrounding towns and countryside, marking the country’s worst ecological disaster. For the awesomely low price of $75 each (or $50 for student), I am offering up 17 different prints to choose from as part of this sale. Of course, if you see something you like more, …

Holiday Print Sale: THANK YOU to Everyone Who Has Ordered Prints So Far

THANK YOU to everyone who has ordered prints so far. In just 3 days, 25% of estimated expenses for upcoming trip to Hungary to cover aftermath of toxic alumina sludge industrial accident have been met! Thanks for the support and please continue to. *** holiday print sale ! *** includes images from Azerbaijan, Chicago and Illinois, Cuba, Ethiopia, Israel, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey. (if you see something on my archive site you like more, as always drop me a note.) 17 prints for $75 each student discount: $50 print: digital 6″x10″ file / 8″x10″ paper to order, send a request to:

Holiday Print Sale, FotoWeek DC, Fortnight Journal, Turning Point Concludes

Newsletter went out yesterday afternoon: Greetings! I would like to announce a holiday print sale of a select series of 17 prints for $75 each. Every print is from a 6 x 10 inch file and is printed on 8 x 10 inch paper and students who order from a .edu e-mail account receive a discounted price of $50. The holiday print sale is to fundraise for my upcoming trip to Hungary to cover the aftermath of the alumina industrial accident in Ajka that sent toxic red sludge pouring into neighboring villages when an industrial reservoir ruptured. VIEW THE 17 PRINTS FOR $75 to order: send a request that specifies which print and includes your name and mailing address to — Two of my fellow Sarah Lawrence alums, Samantha Hinds and Adam Whitney Nichols, launched Fortnight Journal an online literary journal of art, prose and contemporary culture. VIEW SLOVENSKO FOR FORTNIGHT JOURNAL to see my first of six contributions. — The New York Times Lens Blog “Turning Point” series concluded last week after showcasing …

*** holiday print sale *** / 17 prints for $75 each

*** holiday print sale ! *** 17 prints for $75 each student discount: $50 print: 6″x10″ file size / 8″ x 10″ paper to order, send a request to: I am offering up a selection of 17 different prints to choose from, each $75 for the holidays in an effort to fundraise for my forthcoming trip to Hungary to cover the aftermath of the toxic alumina industrial accident in the town of Ajka that occurred when a storage reservoir ruptured and sent toxic red sludge pouring into neighboring villages. Any additional funds will go towards supporting my long term project on the “Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan: Exploring the Evolving Oil Economy,” visually charting nearly 1,100 miles of oil pipeline delivering Caspian crude oil from south of the Azeri capitol Baku through Georgia and the Caucuses and to the port of Ceyhan in Turkey’s far southeast, near the Syrian border. The pipeline traverses three nations, lands belonging to believers in two of the world’s great religions, and skirts five conflict zones. In the process, a region accustomed to …