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2016: A Year of Monumental, Collective Failure

Do you feel impotent watching fascists on the march? You are not alone! You are so not alone! So in deference to your “shattered dreams” as Dr. King calls a hallmark of our mortal life, I am acknowledging you and your failures + shattered dreams, by acknowledging a few of my own. Two op-eds I couldn’t publish because one took on the largest owner of images in the world + the other arguably the largest owner of human souls, namely the office of the incoming president elect. But the failure is all mine! Surely, this work is inadequate and undeserving of a human audience. The bots can scrutinize it, as can any future interrogators. I leave my original headlines with the assumption that others could have done better, much, much better, because America will be great, so great, again! And at the end, a list of celebrities who have led the charge in normalizing the highly abnormal or flipped and gone full on fascist. By inauguration day/anticipated date of an American Kristallnacht, I will surely …

Burge Victims Speak (in progress)

“Torture can be an open secret in a democratic society. Apparently, successive Chicago police superintendents suppressed internal investigations that revealed torture, successive state’s attorneys knew of the torture but refused to investigate, and the state’s Felony Review Unit knowingly elicited and used tortured confessions. Approximately one-third of the current Cook County criminal court judges are former assistant state’s attorneys or Area 2 detectives who were involved in the torture cases. Courts and the public will also look the other way.” – Darius Rejali, Torture and Democracy

Donald Trump, Jerry Springer + American Youth

This image from Donald Trump’s rally in Bloomington, Illinois last Sunday was the moment my headache went through the roof and I left. Little boys film themselves taunting little girls who were being kicked out for protesting. This is a scary thing to witness when children turn against each other on the encouragement of an American presidential candidate. Today after successes in Florida, Illinois and Missouri but defeat in the critical state of Ohio to Governor John Kasich leaving open the prospect of a brokered convention, Trump threatened riots if he does not get the nomination. This is not maturity worthy of nuclear codes nor is promoting violence domestically presidential. The forces of politically motivated violence are being set in motion by a candidate whose campaign does not require him to leave the tarmac or answer questions from media beyond the scope of prearranged interviews. His rallies resemble “The Jerry Springer Show,” causing Springer himself to remark, “If they are going to do my show, they should start paying me… It’s disgraceful.”

Art Works Projects Exhibits Touring Europe

Big news! My first museum show is opening in a little over a week. Here is a little teaser from Art Works Projects: Exciting exhibits are touring Europe – ART WORKS is bringing “Sanctuary and Sustenance” to Cologne and “Sustenance: Chicago and the Food Chain” to Milan! Thanks to our collaborators Amanda Rivkin Photography, the U.S. Consulate General Milan, Manifest Media, and Art und Amen.

Sustenance: Chicago + the Food Chain Opening at Art Works Projects

625 AT 6:25 January 14 “Sustenance: Chicago + the Food Chain” Exhibit Opening! Amanda Rivkin & Heriberto T Quiroz look at food access for Chicago’s children Opening Reception on January 14th Please join photographers Amanda Rivkin and Heriberto T Quiroz along with WBEZ’s Monica Eng for a reception and community conversation to mark the launch of Sustenance: Chicago and the Food Chain. This new photography exhibition provides a unique view of the realities of child nutrition in Chicago and the ways that our agricultural and food policy decisions impact youth eating habits in schools and at home. Wednesday, January 14th 6:25 – 9:00 PM Reception 6:45 – 7:15 PM Community Conversation Sustenance: Chicago and the Food Chain is part of the 625 AT 6:25 series produced by ART WORKS Projects. Viewing hours are Saturdays 1:00 – 5:00 PM and by appointment during the week. Please contact us at to coordinate tours for students and interested organizations. On Saturday, February 28, we are pleased to host a workshop and lunch with child nutrition and agriculture …