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Art Works Projects Exhibits Touring Europe

Big news! My first museum show is opening in a little over a week. Here is a little teaser from Art Works Projects: Exciting exhibits are touring Europe – ART WORKS is bringing “Sanctuary and Sustenance” to Cologne and “Sustenance: Chicago and the Food Chain” to Milan! Thanks to our collaborators Amanda Rivkin Photography, the U.S. Consulate General Milan, Manifest Media, and Art und Amen.

Telluride Mountainfilm Wrap-Up + Press

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I was in Telluride, Colorado for the Mountainfilm Festival thanks to the support of National Geographic Expeditions Council and the Young Explorers Grant Program. It was a fantastic weekend spent in the company of some great friends, and when it was over and our presentations complete, we sat down and watched my beloved “politics by another means” Eurovision Song Contest. But once it was really over, the local indy paper, the San Juan Independent, came knocking and sent over some questions for a Q + A. Here are the parts that are relevant generally to photography today: […] Q: As a photographer, how do you believe technology has and will affect the field of photojournalism, if at all? Specifically, we are seeing more advanced cameras and equipment at more affordable prices, including GoPros and camera phones, and more “average Joe’s” being able to capture images and moments they could not years ago. Is this a good thing for photojournalism and photography or does it have a negative impact? A: A …

Telluride MountainFilm Festival 2015 with National Geographic Young Explorers

This weekend I will be in Telluride, Colorado attending the Telluride MountainFilm Festival as a guest of the National Geographic Society (NGS). NGS is a festvial co-sponsor and supporter and has contributed a range of talent and programming to this year’s MountainFilm Festival, including a presentation of photographs by recipients of their Young Explorers Grant. If you are attending Telluride MountainFilm, please join me after 3:30pm Friday May 22 for the Gallery Walk or Sunday afternoon from 12-2pm for presentations by Young Explorers at the Sheridan Opera House. Additionally, Cara Eckholm, who I traveled to Bosnia with in October of last year and with whom I will be presenting on Sunday, will be featured in “Coffee and Conversation” with Ambassador Christopher Hill and Festival Director David Holbrooke (and son of Richard Holbrooke) very early Sunday morning at 8am at the Hotel Telluride.

Postwar Bosnia for National Geographic Young Explorers to Telluride Mountainfilm Festival

Thanks to National Geographic, the work I shot on Bosnia’s postwar reconstruction last October will be shown for the first time at the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival in May! The festival director is Richard Holbrooke’s son, David Holbrooke, so now I am indebted to both father and son for what they have done for Bosnia.

Everyday Projects at Photoville in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Dumbo, Brooklyn

The Everyday Projects Presented by Instagram Featuring Contributing Photographers from @everydayafrica, @everydayasia, @everydayeasterneurope, @everydayegypt, @everydayiran, @everydayjamaica, @everydaylatinamerica, @everydaymiddleeast, and @everydayusa “The Everyday Projects began in post-war Ivory Coast in 2012 when photographer Peter DiCampo and writer Austin Merrill were visiting the country on a magazine assignment. The two had been based in West Africa for many years, and became frustrated by what they considered to be stereotypical media narratives about the region. To present a more representative narrative, they began focusing on moments that felt less extreme and more familiar to the people who lived there. They photographed everyday life with their mobile phones, eventually inviting other photographers on the continent to join them, using a shared Instagram account called @everydayafrica. “Since then, the Everyday concept has become a global phenomenon and 2014 saw photographers around the world adopting the name and launching their own Everyday feeds in their regions. “On Instagram, many of the photographers of The Everyday Projects have established themselves as pioneers, circumventing traditional distribution channels and connecting directly with their audiences, …

Wow. Simply Wow. Photographers, Aleppo International Photography Festival Continues + Needs Your Work

My friend and curator Issa Touma is continuing with his Aleppo International Photography Festival despite the civil war. There are no materials to mount a proper festival so all works will be projected. No location or date announced, only December 2014. Photographers, please submit your work to:

Cortona on the Move: Projection of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline This Friday @ 11pm

This Friday at the Cortona on the Move Festival in Cortona, Italy my work, “Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline,” will be projected at 11pm along with the work of other photographers who have used the crowdfunding platform Emphas.Is. Other photographers involved in this projection include Matt Eich, Olivier Laban-Mattei, Tamara Abdul-Hadi, Kadir van Lohuizen, Per-Anders Pettersson, Joao Pina, Tomas van Houtryve, Erika Larsen and Patrick Brown. Previously, “Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline,” was awarded the National Geographic Young Explorers Grant and has been published on the National Geographic website, and images featured on The New York Times Lens blog, British Journal of Photography, Asian Geographic, Madame Figaro, Freelens, and Archivo Zine.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

The following are the most viewed blog posts on this site over the course of 2012 that were published in 2012: 1. Best of 2012: Azerbaijan and Turkey (430 views) The best images from 2012 include images from Azerbaijan and Turkey. 2. CNN Photos Blog: Bachelor Parties in Prague (198 views) When friends living in Eastern European nations began complaining of noisy, drunken tourists in their historical towns, American photojournalist Amanda Rivkin wanted to dig deeper. 3. Baku Nights (164 views) Women dance on the table at the bar Shakespeare in Baku, Azerbaijan on March 17, 2012. 4. EurasiaNet: Baku Is Bulldozing Its Past (70 views) My images of demolitions and reconstruction in Baku illustrated a story by Ulviyya Asadzade and Khadija Ismayilova entitled, “Azerbaijan: Baku is Bulldozing its Past,” for EurasiaNet (April 27, 2012). 5. British Journal of Photography: VII Photo adds four photographers to Mentor programme (54 views) Photographers Laura El-Tantawy, Nafis Ahmed, Jošt Franko and Amanda Rivkin have been selected to join VII Photo’s Mentor Program 6. Look3 Festival of the Photograph: …

2012 A Year of Transition

2012 was luckily not like 2011, a year that goes down with 1789, 1848, 1917, 1989 as a year of revolution.  By contrast, 2012 was a year of transition in most every respect.  Global technologies, movements, ideas, and politics are all in flux; only the economies of the world remain sluggish, with some notable exceptions.  Turkey is one of these exceptions.  By 2023, the centennial of the modern secular Turkish Republic, the currently ruling Justice and Development Party, AK Party according to its Turkish acronym, hopes that Turkey will be counted among the top 10 economies in the world. (A great BBC Global Business report on what could go wrong is well worth a listen.) After finishing my Fulbright grant in Azerbaijan, photographing Azerbaijani Women, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline and the Eurovision Song Contest, I moved to Istanbul in September to freelance here in Turkey and the region. I joined the VII Mentor Program where I am working with Ron Haviv on improving my craft for the duration of two years. In this time, I …

CNN + PDN Cover the “Symbolic Opening[s]” of the Aleppo International Photo Festival in War Torn City

Photographer holds festival of hope amid Aleppo fighting By Catriona Davies, CNN October 5, 2012 — Updated 1041 GMT (1841 HKT) (CNN) — These pictures were taken within one week of each other in the center of Aleppo and show the incredible resilience of some of its residents in the face of Syria’s bloody civil war. Photographer Issa Touma’s home in the historic area of Aleppo has been badly damaged by gunfire. Yet, amid the crossfire between opposition and government forces, Touma is still organizing the international photography festival he holds every year. Touma, who owns a gallery in Aleppo, has been running the exhibition for 11 years and was determined that the show would continue despite fighting reaching the center of the city on August 19. The festival was due to open on September 15. […]   Aleppo Photo Festival Holds “Symbolic Opening” in War Zone PDN by Holly Hughes September 21, 2012 On September 15, the day the 11th annual Aleppo International Photo Festival was scheduled to open in the war-torn city of …