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Freelens Magazin #32, 2012: Es gibt immer Überraschungen, Amanda Rivkin: BTC-Öl-Pipeline

Amanda Rivkin BTC-Öl-Pipeline Junge Mädchen bekleiden sich passend für das Freitagsgebet, an dem sie in der Moschee der Altstadt von Baku teilneh- men wollen. Dieses Foto gehört in eine über finanzierte Reportage von Amanda Rivkin. Die Fotografin möchte damit die Veränderungen weiter dokumentieren, die sich durch den Bau der Baku-Tiblisi-Ceyhan-Öl-Pipeline für Aserbaidschan ergeben. Die Leitung spielt eine wichtige Rolle bei der Öff- nung des Landes gen Westen. Amanda Rivkin, kann von einer Basis in Aserbaidschan aus arbeiten. Sie wurde von der National Geographic Society für ein Nachwuchsstipendium ausgezeich- net. Ihre Fotos sind auch in »The Year in Pictures« von der New York Times und von Newsweek abgebildet. “Es gibt immer Überraschungen,” p. 22-23, Freelens Magazin #32, 2012.

Emphas.Is Crowdfunding Goal Met!

Late Monday night Baku time, my Emphas.Is crowdfunding goal to raise $4,250 online to return to the BTC Pipeline route was met! I have enough funds to travel this winter to places and meet people whose lives have been effected by the 1,100 mile transnational oil pipeline route in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. A great many thanks to all 82 supporters who to date have leant their support to this project! Any additional funds raised now will go to expand the project to include the conflict zones that have helped determine the current pipelines geography and additional costs incurred as a result of this important study on the post-Soviet, post-Cold War reality of international energy commerce. To support the project, please visit my Emphas.Is “BTC Pipeline” project page. Thank you!

Newsletter: Almost half way with 51 days to go! BTC pipeline on Emphas.Is.

“BTC Pipeline” by Amanda Rivkin on Emphas.Is Over one week has passed since I began my efforts to fundraise $4,250 to return to the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline route this winter, once called the most significant post-Cold War victory as it is the first pipeline to deliver oil and natural gas from a former Soviet Republic to the West whilst bypassing Russia and Iran. At $1,750, I am nearing the halfway point of fundraising but have yet to raise $2,500, which means the goal is very well within reach but still in need of contributions. Rewards for contributors include limited edition books and prints, so please know you will be rewarded as well! Here is the project page: “BTC Pipeline by Amanda Rivkin” on Emphas.Is Direct Link: To make a contribution, even as little as $10 helps a profound amount, although more is certainly appreciated (and there is a menu of rewards on the top right to inshallah help guide your choices), scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Fund this project!” Then, …

Now on Emphas.Is: BTC Pipeline by Amanda Rivkin (A Crowdfunding Campaign)

Watch this video and consider making a contribution to my ongoing, long-term project, please. There are rewards at every step of the way: For the full project information and pitch on Emphas.Is: BTC oil pipeline I first became interested in the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline in the mid-1990s, when the Clinton White House Special Envoy Bill Richardson and Azerbaijani government were pushing oil companies to build the massive multinational infrastructure project. In the tumultuous post-Cold War period and with the demise of the Soviet Union, major oil companies preferred a more direct and less expensive route through Iran, but American interests prevailed. Oil from the BTC pipeline first reached the port of Ceyhan in southeast Turkey in May of 2006, an event hailed as the greatest geopolitical victory for the West in the aftermath of the Cold War. Since 9/11, however, the same interests that enthusiastically backed the project initially have now shifted their attention elsewhere — towards the Middle East and South Asia. In the summer of 2010, with the assistance of a Young …