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After James Foley’s Death, Returning to A Point of Crossing Into Syria for Many

blacksquare Tragic events this week lead back to a hotel in Kilis, Turkey on the Syrian border I photographed last April for the German newspaper Die Welt. The entire day I spent there, I felt like I was being watched. Any car that pulled up to the front entrance, I immediately sought distance from. And now this story from 2013, “Hotel Wahnsinn,” finds its way into a piece, “Was U.S. Journalist Steven Sotloff A Marked Man?” for The Daily Beast by Ben Taub, who was the first person I met when I walked into the lobby of the Hotel Istanbul in search of three protagonists an editor had passed on to me for the story.

* * *

My heavy heart to James Foley’s and Steven Sotloff’s friends and family as well as to all the friends and family of others being held in captivity in Syria and Iraq, foreigners as well as Syrians and Iraqis alike. We all deserve a better world than this one.

Every single Muslim I know stands opposed to ISIS, so this is not about Islam but rather about fundamentalism. There is no one true religion, nation, race, gender or state of being and shame on anyone anywhere who thinks their one way is the right way, including the mistaken losers responsible for this tragedy and the countless other extrajudicial killings perpetrated by ISIS. I refuse your Holy War.