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Limited Edition Print Sale: Refat, Maidan Heroes Series


in the following sizes in a single edition of 20:

16″ x 20″ = $450


24″ x 30″ = $750


30″ x 40″ = $1,250


All prints digital C-prints by Duggal in New York, signed and editioned by photographer.

* Orders placed before April 30 will be deliverable in mid-May 2014.

About the image:

Refat, 19, a Ukrainian soldier from Crimea, sits on his hospital bed at the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev, Ukraine on April 8, 2014. Refat was shot in the left knee by a sniper on February 20, 2014 while trying to maintain a line of soldiers on orders and had the lower part of his left leg amputated from above the knee.

“We had orders to stand in the line. In the morning, it was quite calm and silent and then the protesters started to attack and they threw a grenade and I walked away from there and then I felt a sniper’s bullet in my knee. It was the morning of February 20 and we were unarmed. I was standing with just a shield. That morning there was shooting from both sides. The criminal case is still open and nobody knows why they were shooting. I blame the president. I want a normal president and stability to come to Ukraine. I want to stay in Kiev and enter the main university and study law. I want to become a prosecutor. I want things to be calm here in Ukraine.”

From the “Maidan Heroes” series.

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All proceeds will fund continued work in Ukraine and Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus.

UPDATE: News of the sale was recently featured on National Geographic/VII photographer Ed Kashi’s blog.