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Rahm Emanuel Elected Mayor of Chicago

May 16, 2011 Chicago gets a new mayor after nearly half a century of Daley family rule at the helm of the city. Looking back some images from Rahm’s victory celebration last night at the Plumbers Union Hall in the West Loop.

Rahm’s stubby amputated middle finger is almost as famous (or notorious) as he is. The result of a meat slicing accident as a teenager working at a suburban Arby’s, President Obama once joke that it rendered Emanuel “practically mute.”

As mayor elect, everyone wants a piece of you:

AKPD Media/Emanuel campaign centcom for projecting election returns into the Plumbers Union Hall:

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And to close, a little humor from last night – or at least a moment that brought a few chuckles to the Plumbers Union Hall – when it was delivered last night in Rahm Emanuel’s victory speech:

And I intend to enlist every living one of you, every one of you in our city, because the plural pronoun “we” is how we’re going to meet the challenges of tomorrow.