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Michael Shaw of BAGnewsNotes’ Top 10 Visual Politics/Photojournalism Blogs List

Michael Shaw is “the publisher of the popular progressive blog, BAGnewsNotes. BNN is the only blog dedicated 100% to visual politics and the analysis of news images, and also features original, politically-oriented images from America’s pre-eminent photojournalists.” Included on his list of the “top 10 visual politics/photojournalism blogs” for Blogs.com is Verve Photo and a link to recent work featured on the site by Amanda Rivkin.

Also included on the list is The New York Times Lens blog, where I co-created and contributed a series of 13 interviews with young photographers last year for the “Turning Point” series that asked about an image that served as a source of inspiration and an image by each photographer that represented a turning point in their early careers. In addition to being featured in this series on the Lens blog, “Turning Point: Images That Inspire,” my work was also highlighted in “Must See: Images on the Web” and “Showcase: New President, Old Problems (2009 – The Year in Pictures)”. Additional blogs listed in Shaw’s top ten include No Caption Needed, which featured an analysis of a New York Times page A1 photograph of Rod Blagojevich on his final day in office, “R-e-s-p-e-c-t, Find Out What It Means to Me,” on February 2, 2009, and Prison Photography, which highlighted work photographing the Romathan Gypsy Theater in eastern Slovakia this past June in a post, “The Roma People: Matt Luton building upon a legacy of wandering photographers”.