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Tonight in Chicago: The Daley Show

My friend Ray Noland of Creative Rescue Organization sent over some interesting info yesterday on a show tonight in Chicago that he has work in inspired entirely by the life and times of Mayor Richard M. Daley, the man we all thought would be the city’s second mayor for life until he announced his decision not to run for reelection a short while ago. Ray is also the brains behind the “Run, Blago, Run!” exhibit featuring art inspired by the former Illinois governor which included my photograph of Blagojevich during his final day in office, taken on assignment for The New York Times. In the spirit of the spectaculars of the mayor election underway in this city (the fraudulent petitions, the sideshow involving Rahm Emanuel’s residency in the city as a threat to his candidacy), this too promises to be one:

The Daley Show

As in Richard M., not Stewart, Jon. This exhibition, a coproduction with Johalla Projects at Chicago Urban Art Society, fills some 3,800 square feet of gallery space with portraits and other works dedicated to the outgoing mayor by more than 20 local artists. The man himself has been invited, and while there’s no word yet on whether he’ll attend, we always say the more, the mayorier. Bonus: The opening is sponsored by Old Style, which equals free beer.

GO: Opening reception Dec 10 from 6 to 11; exhibition continues through Jan 8. Chicago Urban Art Society, 2229 S Halsted.