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From the Archive: Life Under the Daley Machine Redux

In anticipation (read: great joy) of covering the first Chicago mayor election in my living memory (yup, Richie Daley was elected when I was approximately five years old), I am digging through my archives in 2008/2009 covering some pretty interesting times in local politics then, that quickly became national and international politics. But then there were those moments of obscurantia that occur in city life and maybe do not get much more than a passing mention in local newspapers, usually part of a much bigger story. Such was the case with the Chicago police protest of their contracts the day the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) came to Chicago for its final evaluation of the city’s 2016 Olympic bid, which went to Rio instead. Knowing rumor around town has it Daley would not have offered not to run for reelection (this is a polite word for what “elections” have consisted of over the past 20 years for mayor in this office – as it is the primaries are the only race; there is no Republican Party candidate that I am aware of), if Chicago had won the bid. So in honor of a moment in civic life that was, I present quite the wrinkle: