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The Day in Cablegate: As The World Turns…

The cache of news and events surrounding the WikiLeaks Cablegate affair for December 3, 2010:

WikiLeaks loses American domain server,, moves to Swiss,, which also appears to be down at present:
“WikiLeaks Dropped by Domain Name Provider,” The Associated Press

“WikiLeaks Vanishes From Web As U.S. Company Removes DNS Support,” The Guardian

Update from Amazon in The Wall Street Journal on the fairly obvious reason why WikiLeaks got booted off its servers (violation of its Terms of Service):
“Amazon Says WikiLeaks Violated Terms of Service,” Wall Street Journal

8:37AM EST – The Guardian is holding a live webchat with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as soon as it can:
“WikiLeaks cables: Live Q&A with Julian Assange,” The Guardian

9:32AM EST – Crippling attacks continue, take down Guardian website during online Q&A with Assange:
“WikiLeaks fights to stay online amid attacks,” The Associated Press

“WikiLeaks’ Assange to Fight Any Extradition: Lawyer,” Reuters

“WikiLeaks Struggles to Stay Online After Cyberattacks,” The New York Times

“Julian Assange Answers Your Questions,” The Guardian


“Foreign Contractors Hired Afghan ‘Dancing Boys’, WikiLeaks Cable Reveals,” The Guardian
Courtesy Katherine Tiedemann of AfPak Channel Daily Brief, Foreign Policy, “international contractors employed by DynCorp training Afghan police forces allegedly took drugs and paid for young “dancing boys” in Kunduz…”


Radically different takes in the Indian and Pakistani press on revelations concerning U.S. protection of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in the wake of the Mumbai attacks in November 2008 – first the Indians, who probably cut more to the bone while maintaining a defensive posture:
“U.S. Defended Pak, Shielded ISI Chief After 26/11 Strikes?” Times of India
“Diplomats Saw No ISI Link in Mumbai Attack,” Dawn

More – General Kayani tells General Petraeus Pakistan will respond if provoked in wake of Mumbai attacks:
“Kayani told U.S. that Pakistan will respond to Indian attack: WikiLeaks,” The Hindu

European Politics:

“WikiLeaks Cables: Gordon Brown An ‘Abysmal’ Prime Minister,” The Guardian
“…scathing assessment of the former prime minister…”

“Aznar al embajador, en 2007: ‘Si veo a España desesperada, quizá tendría que volver a la política'” El Pais [in Spanish]
Shows former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar would like to orchestrate his own return to power if Mariano Rajoy cannot hold the Partido Popular (PP) together and stand in the next general election.

“Mole in Germany’s FDP Party Comes Forward,” Der Spiegel Online International

More on the not-quite revelations about Berlusconi’s personal and political life and allegations that he and Putin are skimming off the top of Gazprom contracts in U.S. diplomatic cables has some fall out domestically for Berlusconi in Italy:
“Caustic U.S. Views of Berlusconi Churn Italy’s Politics,” The New York Times

Updates in Eurasia:

“WikiLeaks may galvanise Turkey on relations with Azerbaijan,” News.Az
An interview with Gareth Jenkins, a Turkey expert affiliated with the Silk Road Studies Program at Johns Hopkins.

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U.S. domestic:

“The State Department Should Embrace Its New Wikileaks Cablegate Transparency,” Forbes
Argues the State Department looks great and this serves as a recruitment tool in the fashion that “Top Gun” did for the Air Force.

“Authors, Historians Debate the Leaks of WikiLeaks,” The Associated Press

“Jon Stewart: Is Sarah Palin Aware Julian Assange Can’t Be Charged With Treason?” Daily Show

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